Beginner's Guide for Selling on Poshmark

The most sustainable way to shop is to buy second hand, so the market for secondhand clothes is better than ever. With people becoming slowly yet surely aware of the impact that clothes have on the environment, more people are looking for alternatives. Before I begin my beginner's guide, I want to share some valuable resources that really helped me open my eyes to the damage I was doing:

1. When Creating Your Poshmark Account:

Make sure to choose a username you like, you can only change 2 times after set up. My recommendation would be to make it easy to remember, short as possible, and appropriate language.

Many accounts use emojis and symbols at the beginning of their usernames because it puts them higher up when accounts are in alphabetical order. But the "pros" are less than the cons; users will forget what the account name was, it looks tacky and could lead users to believe it is a spam account.

2. Choosing What To Sell:

Many people think "I don't have brand name items, no one will want to buy what I have" but I assure you, you don't need brand name or expensive clothes to sell on Poshmark. When I was starting off on Poshmark, I would choose a section of my house to go through: my closet, office, storage, garage and even my parent's closet!

Do you have books that have been collecting dust? Clothes that haven't fit or been your style for years? If it's in useable condition, it's sellable.

Reminder: make sure to check Poshmark guidelines for prohibited items

3. Before Taking Pictures:

Clean the items and if possible, use nice hangers (if hanging). Paying attention to details can add value to any product. If you have a lamp with a strong (preferably white) light, have it set up next to where you are taking the picture pointing at the item. If you don't have a lighting system or strong lamp, take pictures when you have the most natural lighting. Having light from the direction that you are shooting will make the items look much better than just overhead (ceiling) light.

Tip: I keep a lint roller by me when I'm taking pictures to make sure the items look their best.

4. When Posting Items:

  1. Use descriptive headings. Try to have at least 5 words. For example, "CHICOS V-Neck Blue Maxi Dress Size Medium"

  2. Be clear about the condition of the item. It doesn't matter if there wear and tear as long as you mention it in the description section!

  3. Define the item's category and subcategory. It will increase the chance of someone coming across your item if they select that category when shopping.

What's Next?

Poshmark takes some work but there are millions of sales being made, you can do it too! There's a lot more tips that I want to share but this is a good starting place. Some future topics I want to cover about selling on Poshmark include:

  • How I made my photoshoot area

  • Building a wooden backdrop for less than $20

  • Tools I use and why I choose those brands

  • Product photography

  • How to increase sales

  • Which stats actually matter on Poshmark

  • Poshmark or Mercari?

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Thank you for your time and stay safe,



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