How To Create Bundles For Customers on Poshmark

As you add more items to your Poshmark closet, you may notice that users have been liking more than one of your items. Sometimes they will add the items they like into a "bundle". This can be so that they can see what price the total comes to after your automatic "seller bundle discount", to send you an offer, or for you to send them an offer. If they have liked multiple items but haven't added them to a bundle, you can add it for them.

Step 1:

"Person A" represents a single user who has liked 4 items. You can see this by clicking the "news" tab, circled below.

Step 2:

Click on their username to go to their closet. Then click on the shopping bag icon next to their profile picture, circled below.

Step 3:

Click the drop down button (circled below) and select "switch to sell view".

Step 4:

The items that the user has liked from your closet will show up. Click on the icon with the shopping bag (circled below) for each item you would like to add to their bundle.

Step 5:

Once you have added items into their bundle, they will show up on the left side. Click the "offer" button to send them an offer for that particular bundle of products.

Use the bundle tool to boost sales and remind customers of items they had liked in the past!

Hope this helped, feel free to ask questions!

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