Who Am I : An Introduction

Hey, I'm Yeliz. I'm a college student and I've been jumping around majors for years so, I've been taking interdisciplinary classes. My life has been just as messy and interdisciplinary as well, lol. I wanted to share some skills, lessons, tips I've learned along the way.

My area of "expertise" is digital media design. Meaning the creation and design of literally everything in a digital format. But, I will likely post about a wide variety of topics that I love such as; fashion, sustainability, personal growth, media, social issues, and more.

Aside from what I got to learn in Uni, I've also been able to learn a lot about fashion and retail after running an ecommerce website when I was in high school. After graduating high school, I shut down the website to spend more time on my studies. I continued to selling my own clothes on Poshmark (which I will definitely talk a lot about in the future).

I hope you choose to stick around and sign up to be notified every time I post, which I hope will be once a week at least.

Thank you for your time