New Poshmark Updates To Make Selling Easier

Hey everyone!

Poshmark has been releasing updates recently and I am here for it! To be honest, some of these changes have been a long time coming. Other selling platforms like Mercari, Curtsy, and Depop already had a lot of these newer features but when we consider size, it makes sense that Poshmark waited until it was perfected.

Poshmark: 60 million users

Mercari: 15 million users

Depop: 13 million users

One of the updates is the "suggested price" shown under your listing's price. Whether you are listing a new item or editing your old items, it will show up in the same place. Most items have an estimate but if it is a very rare item, the algorithm may not know an average price yet.

Another big update is the "discounted shipping" feature. Sellers are now able to post items with shipping discounts. There are currently 3 shipping prices you can set an item to; $5.95, $4.99, and free. I think this is going to be a great sale booster since Poshmark shipping costs have been going up lately, pushing away buyers.

Though there have been smaller level changes, these two were the most important. I hope you all are able to utilize these tools and boost sales!

Have a lovely day!


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