Poshmark's New Bulk Share Feature

As a Poshmark seller since 2015, I truly appreciate the new bulk "share to followers" and "share to party" features. Seriously. I remember spending hours clicking share to followers and even did a two week "study" on how effective sharing is. Without wasting any time,I'll get into it.

How to use this feature on a desktop:

1. Go to your closet page by clicking on your profile image at the top right hand of the page and click on the first option "my closet".

2. Click on the tool button that is to the right of the "about" button. The icon looks like this:

3. Choose the action you would like to do, in this case we will share our listings to our followers. Click on the top option to do so.

4. Select the items you would like to share, there is currently no limit to the number of listing you can share through this feature.

5. Click the "share to followers" button at the top right, below the "sell on poshmark" button.

6. The listings will start to be shared one by one, don't close the page or it will stop sharing. You can continue to use your computer as usual and switch between tabs.

Hope this was helpful,


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